Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Healing Dementia: Book Review

Published in 2017.

Approaches to dementia range from medical models to health care models. Every once and a while, I find people who respond primarily through the emotions.  This is the case for dementia advocate Kyrié Carpenter.

Her slim volume challenges readers to see the constructive ways in which those living with dementia* critique overly rational ways of being in the world.  

[See this post about the terminology change favoring Neurocognitive Disorder over dementia.]

Carpenter is well equipped to share this perspective as someone who has training in psychology and experience as an aging positive activist. She's also a person who maintains friendships and work projects with people living with dementia. For example, she's a member of the Changing Aging team

I had the opportunity to meet Carpenter this fall. She's very smart, but she has great balance because she also loves myth, emotion, relationships, and the intuitive side of life. We are both crone's in training--but one of us doesn't have that much more time to train! 

Below find a video of Carpenter reading her book at a salon: 

To learn more about Carpenter and her work, visit her web site.  You can buy her book through the Changing Aging store. 


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  1. Interesting perspective. Good for her!

    1. She's very dynamic and supportive of the aging positive movement and the dementia positive movement. It was a joy to meet her. Thanks for reading/commenting.

  2. Thanks for sharing this I will definitely be checking out that book.

    1. It's short, but it has a compelling message. And the illustrations are mesmerizing.