Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Live Longer, Live Better, Avoid the Risks: Book Review

Published July 12, 2017.
Healthy lifestyle choices serve as the foundation of sound health.

As people age, their habits have an enormous impact on their quality of life.

Authors William M. Manger, Ph.D. and Edward J. Roccella, MPH use their expertise in health care research to explain how to increase longevity and health by adopting healthy habits.

As a gerontologist, I have studied and taught classes on healthy aging. This book condenses a lot of literally vital information into one book.

The authors reference evidence-based scholarship in support of their advice for adopting healthy habits; however, the writing style isn't academic or stuffy.  It's clear and direct prose written for the lay reader.

The acknowledgement section lists about two dozen health and medical experts who were consulted to "improve the quality of this book" (p. 289).

The book's core chapters are as follows:

1. Overweight and Obesity
2. Best Eating Plan
3. Physical Inactivity
4. Salt
5. Alcohol
6. Tobacco
7. Drugs--Illicit, Prescription, Over-the-Counter, Counterfeit
8. Blood and Sexually Transmitted Diseases
9. Stress and Insomnia
10. Health Emergencies/Urgencies
11. Injuries and Fatalities
12. Inadequate Prevention
13. Environmental Hazards
14. Terrorism and Security
15. Concluding Remarks

People of all ages can benefit from the information, but I see this book as an ideal gift for college graduates.


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