Saturday, February 20, 2016

Mean Arterial Pressure: Biomarker of Health

Photo by Christiana Care.
There are a few different ways to view blood pressure.

The most common is a reading of the systolic and diastolic functions, an ideal reading being 120/80.

However, medical personnel are also interested in the mean arterial pressure also known as MAP.

This post is part of a series on biomarkers of health and longevity.

This is calculated by doubling the diastolic blood pressure, adding it to the systolic and dividing by three.

For example, if we take the average blood pressure above and apply this calculation it looks like this:

(80 + 80 + 120)/3 = 93.3

Or you can plug in your systolic and diastolic numbers into an online MAP calculator.

The MAP lets them know if the body is getting too little profusion of blood (lower than 60) or too much (higher than 105).

Note: This post is to raise awareness only. It does not offer medical advice. If you have concerns about your circulatory system, please see a licensed medical professional. 

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Between Death and Burial

Photo by Don LaVange.
People who know me in person recognize that diplomacy isn't my strongest suit.

However, I do understand that the space between a person's death and their burial is a particularly tender time. 

I perceive this space as sacred, best met with reverence.

This time should focus on articulating the decedent's virtues, strengths and legacy. It's a time to comfort their friends and family members.