Saturday, January 1, 2022

Happy 10th Blogoversary


"Ten" by Gamma-Ray Productions 
is licensed under 
CC BY-ND 2.0

When I was working on my master's degree in gerontology / aging studies, I wanted to place to record my growing awareness of how we age and how we can better manage the aging process. 

I have a tendency to do a deep dive into topics by looking at academic journal articles, government reports, and information on websites hosted by nongovernmental organizations.  I also like to read broadly about aging and watch films that feature older adults as the protagonists. 

However, as the weeks, months, and years go on, I do not always remember details such statistics or the precise titles of books that I've read or the names of every leading actor in films that I view. 

This blog serves as a great way to jog my own memory. I am more than happy to share my efforts with others. 

Today is the 10th anniversary of this blog, or my blogoversary. During this time, I have written and published 450 posts.  

The overall Top 20 has not changed much in the last few years, so here is a link to a previous blogoversary post that includes the 20 titles and their links. 

Consequently, here are the posts with the most views for each year since I started this blog. 

2012 Films about Aging

2013 Film's about Alzheimer's Disease and Other Dementias (NCDs)

2014 Books about Dementia (Neurocognitive Disorders)

2015 Baby Boomers Born in 1962