Wednesday, December 29, 2021

2021 Top Posts

Image by Daniel Lobo
via Creative Commons

In 2021, I only posted about once a month. Why the drop in productivity? 

Skip to the end of this post for information about the reading I have been doing related to the pandemic. 

To avoid presenting an archive for the year, I'm going to present a different kind of Top 10. 

These five posts were written/published in 2021. 

Out of the 13 posts published this year, they received the most views. 

1. 2021 Mid-American Institute on Aging & Wellness: A Preview. July 31, 2021

2. Supernova: A Film Review July 1, 2021

3. Ten Books: An Essential Library on Aging. April 17, 2021

4. 2020 Report on Older Americans. March 29, 2021

5. Nomadland: Film with a View on Poverty April 29, 2021