Sunday, December 24, 2017

2017 Top 10 Posts

Adapted photo by June Marie.
Over the last year, this blog carried a modest number of posts, around two dozen.  Nevertheless, many received significant views.

Here are the Top 10 posts written / published on this blog in 2017 (in ascending order):

#10. Evansville Hosts Aging Avengers.

The Tristate (IL-IN-KY) enjoyed a visit by the Changing Aging Team led by Dr. Bill Thomas for a day of presentations on how to challenge stereotypes of aging and how to recognize the influential roles that older adults have in our communities.

#9. Lifespan Differs from Health Span

People in industrialized nations are living much longer than their grandparents. However, the last years of their life will more probably include living with chronic diseases and disability.

#8. Older Americans 2016 Federal Report on Aging

Every two or three years, several US government office work together to compile a report of key indicators of well being for older adults.  This post lists the 41 indicators and includes links to the full report and to a few executive summaries of the report.

#7. Modern Death: Book Review

In his book published early in 2017, Haider Warraich M.D. discusses end-of-life care in detail, touching on topics such as quality of life and various legal documents that can help advocate for a dying person's wishes when they no longer can speak for themselves.

#6. Luckiest Woman: An Elder Tale

This tale from England explains how an older woman's attitude of gratitude shields her from being the victim of a mischievous mystical creature.

#5. APA Using Neurocognitive Disorder not Dementia 

The experts who penned the 2013 diagnostic guide of the American Psychological Association determined that the term "dementia" is negative and nonspecific. Consequently, they changed the diagnostic category. Doctors, hospitals, and insurance companies use NCD for many types of memory problems.

#4. On Living: Book Review

Egan shares her perspective as a hospice worker who believes that it's important to serve as a witness to the lives of those who are dying while they share stories that help them make meaning of their lives. She focuses her energy on listening and conveying unconditional love.

#3. Tinkers: Book Review

Published in 2009, this novel won the Pulizer Prize for fiction the following year. It's set in New England and describes three generations of men from the same family. It's themes include age-related topics such as memory and legacy.

#2. White Blood Cell Count: Biomarker of Longevity and Health

This post is part of a series focusing on 18 biomarkers of longevity and health identified through a longitudinal study of participants aging from their 20s to their 30s in an attempt to find biomarkers well before chronic illness occurs.

#1. Happy 5th Anniversary to TGAM

This post indicates the 20 most viewed posts over the life of first five years of this blog (which was January 1, 2017) with the title, brief summary, key photo, and links for each post.


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