Friday, January 1, 2021

Happy 9th Blogoversary

Image by Jenny C.
via Creative Commons

Today marks the 9th Blogoversary for The Generation Above Me (TGAM). I started this blog when I was a graduate student, earning a master's in Gerontology aka Aging Studies.  

I wanted a place to save links to more authoritative sources than the papers I was writing for my seminar classes. I also wanted to save reviews for books and films about aging for my own reference.  

Over time, family, friends, and associates would ask me questions about their parents' aging process and their own. The blog became a place for me to write up what I learned for others faced with the same set of age-correlated challenges or opportunities. 

For the first six years, my blogoversary post included a list of the overall top views for TGAM. However, I have found that with 436 posts published over nine years, the Top 20 views have not changed substantially.  

Most of the Top 20 All-Time Views for this blog are part of these series of posts--or they are in the spirit of these posts: 

Films about Aging The links for Films about Alzheimer's Disease (and other dementias), Films Set in Nursing Homes, and Films about the Dying Process are the three most popular posts in this series. I enjoy watching films about aging because reading academic studies can leave me cold. Aging is an holistic activity that includes emotions and relationships.  Films do a good job depicting complexities and nuance. I highly suggest the documentaries since many feature films can gloss over some of the more pragmatic concerns. 

Books about Aging  Books about Dementia receives the most views, but I am partial to books about Spirituality and Aging. I spent forty years studying and teaching college English courses. And it is my nature to read a great deal when faced with new challenges and opportunities. I hope that my efforts hear can serve others. And writing reviews helps me to recall more details from books read years prior. 

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Tuesday, December 29, 2020

2020 Top 10 Posts

Image by Josh Mazgelis via Creative Commons

Each December of the life of this blog, I post a list of the ten posts composed over the year that received the highest views. 

Because of the global pandemic, many of my posts posted this year focus on SARS-CoV-2 (the virus) and COVID-19 (the disease). 

Four of the ten posts in this year's Top 10 do come from topics more typical for my blog: three book reviews regarding aging and one preview for a conference on aging. 

Here is the list in descending order of views (most viewed first): 

1. Virtual MAIA Every Thursday in August. 23 June 2020.  LINK

2. Podcasts about COVID-19. 1 July 2020.  (and SARS-CoV-2). LINK

3. Books about Epidemics and Pandemics.  31 May 2020. LINK

4. Coronavirus, Ageism, Ableism and More. 1 March 2020.  LINK

5. This Chair Rocks: Book Review. 7 January 2020.  LINK

6. MacKay's Swiss Cheese Virus Defense. 31 October 2020.  LINK

7. Settings that Heighten Risk for SARS-CoV-2 Transmission. 12 June 2020. LINK

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Posts by KDA hosted by Segullah


Sometimes I want to find a post published on the blog Segullah, and there isn't an easy way for me to search for posts by authors.  I must note that there are several writers who are more gifted than I am.  

Many of the women who write for Segullah write with greater lyricism, insight, and spirit.  

Nevertheless, sometimes I want to reread one of my posts there (to witness to my own better angels). I often give myself great advice; now if I would only follow it consistently. 

Segullah is a faith-based blog where women often write in a way that blends details from their daily lives with quotes or allusions to scriptures and other devotional writing as well to references to literature and culture--high culture and low culture.  

So a Segullah post may refer to Jesus, Jane Austin, burnt cookies, and Lisa Simpson. 


My favorite 2020 post was the one published in October. 

90. December 18th 2020 

89. November 20th 2020

Photo by
Patricia H. via Creative Commons

88. October 16th 2020

87. September 22nd 2020

86. August 21st 2020

85. July 17th 2020    

84. June 14th 2020

83. June 9th 2020

82. May 26th 2020

81. April 19th 2020:

80. March 20th 2020:

79. February 21st 2020:

78. January 20th 2020:

Monday, November 30, 2020

Global Aging, 2nd Edition: Book Review

Published 13 December 2019.

I earlier this year, I selected Springer's Global Aging textbook in order to teach a class on global aging for Fall 2021. This 414 page book contains a lot of information about aging by using examples from dozens of countries. 

Here is the Table of Contents: 
  1. Our Aging World 
  2. The Study of Global Aging 
  3. Demographic Perspectives on an Aging World 
  4. Aging Environments 
  5. Health Patterns and Behavior 
  6. Health Care Systems 
  7. Long-Term Services and Supports 
  8. Older Workers 
  9. Retirement and Pensions 
  10. Families 
  11. Caregiving 
  12. World Religions and Aging 
  13. Global Aging and Global Leadership
Additionally, each chapter concludes with one or two essays that are--for the more part--focused specifically on one country.