Monday, April 28, 2014

Best of Boomer Blogs, Spring into Action

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Midlife is a time for springing into action. See what these bloggers have to say about how the Baby Boomers are using their time. Are they remodeling (literally and figuratively)? controlling key markets? enjoying recreational activities? or working to manage age-related physical changes? 

Laura Lee Carter
Laura Lee, The Midlife Crisis Queen, keeps running into others who are remodeling in midlife. She learned much more than she ever expected when she started remodeling after a tough divorce. . . .

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Currently, Boomers have control of the majority of discretionary spending money.  Some companies have recognized this powerful fact and been able to successfully capture Baby Boomer customers.  Others have failed miserably. Visit Modern Senior and read more about “Winners & Losers:  Marketing to Baby Boomer.” 

Tom Sightings. 
Unlike many others who have recently retired, Tom Sightings does not spend time cleaning out his basement, and he has pretty much given up on his weed-choked garden. Nevertheless, as you can find out in his latest post The Triple Threat, he is adept in several other fields of activity that are becoming increasingly popular among Baby Boomers.


Karen from The Generation Above Me finds midlife to be a busy time, but every once in a while she has to manage age-related changes to her body. Read about how perimenopause symptoms led her to ask, "What's Going On?" 


On The Survive and Thrive Boomer Guide, Rita R. Robison, consumer journalist, writes about a federal agency tool that helps consumers compare financial aid offers. If you or your kids or grandchildren have to take out student loans, be sure to compare options. It can help the student find the loan that will best meet his or her needs.


Best of Boomer Blogs, On the Go

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  1. What an excellent group of Boomer blogs, I can't wait to check them out. The Midlife Crisis Queen is a great one.