Sunday, March 23, 2014

Best of Boomer Blogs, On the Go

Spring is here, and Boomer Bloggers are ready to get moving after a few months of hibernating. 

Check out these posts and see what adventures these bloggers have to share. 

This week on Modern Senior, Amy features a guest post from technology expert Lauren Rothlisberger.  Her article “5 Ways to Keep in Touch with Your Grandkids Using your iPhone” will inspire even the most technophobic among us to try out some great apps.

If you want to stir up lots of memories and dust, decide to move at age 59.  That's what Laura Lee over at The Midlife Crisis Queen is doing this month.  For her, this retirement relocation has led to deeper questions: Moving, Meaning and Legacy.


Bart Drolenga of The Highway Is My Home spoke with harmonica player Bob Corritore, who is a keeper of the blues flame. The list of musicians he performed with reads like a who is who of the blues since 1970. 

Tom Sightings has watched many of his retired friends jet off to far away places  -- to Texas and Tucson, to Thailand and Turkey -- while he prefers to stay closer to home. It sometimes seems as if traveling is a prerequisite for a fulfilling retirement. It makes him wonder:  If You're Retired, Do You Have to Travel?

On TheSurvive and Thrive Boomer Guide, Rita R. Robison writes about March being Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month. If you're 50 years old or older, getting a screening test for colorectal cancer could save your life. This is important for baby boomers, the youngest of whom is now 50.


Karen from The Generation Above Me remembers her experience studying in Jerusalem for the first half of the year in 1982. She enjoyed living in a city that is holy to three major religions. 



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