Sunday, July 19, 2020

Teaching Gerontology Classes at UE

UE's Mascot is Ace, the River Gambler
I've had the good fortune of teaching part-time at the University of Evansville, which is a liberal arts university located in the tristate area of Indiana, Kentucky, and Illinois.

I was giddy when the chair of sociology hired me to teach their series of gerontology classes.

(I also teach at USI; I previously taught at WSU.)

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Podcasts about COVID-19

Image by Menage a Moi.
We are still learning about the coronavirus (aka COVID-19 or SARS-COV-2).

I usually read as a way to digest information. 

However, I have been exploring podcasts as a way to learn about the current pandemic. 

By using various search terms on Spotify, I found more than 50 podcasts on COVID-19.

There are many more episodes about the virus / the pandemic within existing podcasts.

To date, I have listened to at least one episode of 50 podcasts dedicated to COVID-19.

Now I'm narrowing the field by selecting those that

* Have good sound quality
* Maintain a good focus, relatively free of banter
* Provide current data and results from current research
* Hosted by experts and/or interviews experts
* Might refer to technical language about virology / biochemistry, but aimed at the lay reader/listener rather than at fellow scientific and/or medical experts.

My Favorites COVID-19 (aka C19) Podcasts