Monday, March 10, 2014

The BoomShop Offers 15% Off

Disclosure: I have been provided with a product from The BoomShop in exchange for an honest review of their site. 

When I turned 50, I found myself feeling a bit removed from marketing aimed at soccer moms. Fortunately, the Boomers have never been quiet about stating their needs.

Consequently, I have recently seen growth in marketing for people in their 50s and 60s.  We aren't quite ready for walkers, but we are experiencing some age-related changes to our eyes, ears and assorted creaking body parts.

Now that I'm in midlife, I appreciate products with large print, easy grips, and hearty signals.  When I buy something these days, I think a lot about its ability to age with me.

I spent some time recently looking at all the items available on The BoomShop, which aims to support active midlife people with quality products.  Each selection seeks to fit their motto: "Life made easy."
Some of the products that caught my eye included the following:
  • Wellness mats for comfort while standing
  • Magnification mirrors for ease of personal grooming
  • Extra large display bath scale, which accommodates my vision
  • An assortment of kitchen gadgets that have easy grips 
Such a classic design
I finally decided to order the salt and pepper grinders from the gadgets section. They have a classic design that will never go out of style.  And they have easy-to-grasp features. 

The BoomShop recognizes that my readers will probably find some of these products ideal for their needs. So for a limited time, The BoomShop is offering a 15% discount on purchases for those who use the code 17118.  Type this code in the field labeled "Coupon Code" in the cart area of their site and press "Apply."

I hope that you enjoy seeing that manufacturers and retailers are finally recognizing that there is a demographic in between multitasking moms and retiring grandparents.  In midlife, I'm trying to manage my minor age-related issues so that I can complete my bucket list while I still have pretty good energy to do so. 

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