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Born in 1962

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I'm always interested to hear how people my own age are doing.

Logically, I know that people are so diverse from one another that I'm not going to observe meaningful patterns or draw valid parallels.

Nevertheless, keeping an eye on my age mates gives me some gauge of how I'm moving through time.

Consequently, I've decided to make a list of people born in 1962.

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Wikipedia does have such a list, but it includes thousands of people from several countries and notable for a variety of achievements.

Admittedly, I don't recognize the vast majority of these notable people.  Trying to read every entry on that list proved overwhelming.

A list of  75 people my age seems more than adequate, but did I miss someone famous?

I admit to selecting those whom I recognize.  If I missed a notable person while researching, inform me in the comments.

All my best to you, age mates!

Paula Abdul. Dancer/Choreographer. b. 19 June

Abdullah II. King of Jordan. b. 30 January

Trace Adkins. Country Singer. b. 13 January

Paula Abdul
Melissa Sue Anderson. Actress. b. 26 September

Alison Arngrim. Actress. b. 18 January

Adam Baldwin. Actor. b. 27 February

Clint Black. Country Singer-Songwriter. b. 4 February

Jon Bon Jovi. Singer-Songwriter. b. 2 March

Matthew Broderick. b. 21 March

Garth Brooks. Singer-Songwriter. b. 7 February


Richard Brooks. Actor b. 9 Dec

Alton Brown. Chef. b. 30 July

Steve Carell. Actor. b. 16 August

Jim Carrey. Actor. b. 17 January

Jim Carrey
Kalpana Chawla. Astronaut. b. 17 March 1962.  d. 1 February 2003

Tracy Chevalier. Novelist. b. 19 October

Chris Christie. Politician. b. 6 September

Tom Colicchio. Chef / Restaurant Owner. b. 15 August

Suzanne Collins. Novelist. b. 10 August

Marcia Cross. Actress. b. 25 March


Sheryl Crow. Singer-Songwriter. b. 11 February

Tom Cruise. Actor. b. 3 July

Joan Cusack. Actress. b. 11 October

Terence Trent D'Arby. Musician. b. 15 March

Patrick Ewing
Taylor Dayne. Singer-Songwriter. b. 7 March

Anthony Edwards. Actor. b. 19 July

Cary Elwes. Actor. b. 26 October

Emilio Estevez. Actor. b. 12 May

Patrick Ewing. Basketball Player. b. 5 August

Ralph Fiennes. Actor. b. 22 December


Flea. Musician. b. 16 October

Jodie Foster. Actress. b. 19 November

Craig Ferguson. Talk Show Host. b. 17 May

Victoria Gotti. Reality TV Personality. b. 27 November

Jasmine Guy
Clark Gregg. Actor. b. 2 April

Jasmine Guy. Actress. b. 10 March

M.C. Hammer. Rapper. b. 30 March

Robert Herjavec. CEO. b. 14 September

Evander Holyfield. Boxer. b. 19 October

Felicity Huffman. b. 9 December


Steve Irwin. Wildlife Expert. b. February 22, 1962. d. September 4, 2006 at age 44.

Bo Jackson. Baseball / Football Player. b. 30 November

Star Jones. Lawyer/TV Personality. b. 24 March

Tom Kane
Tom Kane. Voice Actor. b. April 15

Maxine Jones. Singer. b. January 16

Jackie Joyner-Kersee. Track Athlete. b. 3 March

Anthony Kiedis. Musician. b. 1 November

Tommy Lee. Musician. b. 3 October

Jennifer Jason Leigh. Actress. b. 5 February

Baz Luhrmann. Director. b. 17 September


Kristy McNichol. Actress. b. 11 September

Demi Moore. Actress.  b. 11 November

Rob Morrow. Actor. b. 21 September

Bob Odenkirk. Actor. b. 22 October

Rosie O'Donnell
Rosie O'Donnell. Talk Show Host. b. 21 March

Chuck Palahniuk. Novelist. b. 21 February

Lou Diamond Phillips. Actor. b. 17 February

Kelly Preston, Actor b. 13 October

Ally Sheedy. Actress. b. 13 June

Jerry Rice. Football Player. b. 13 October


Axl Rose. Singer-Songwriter / Musician. b. 6 February

Wesley Snipes. Actor. b. 31 July

Kate Spade. Fashion Designer. b. 24 December

John Stewart. TV Host. b. 28 November

John Stockton. Basketball Player. b. 26 March

John Stewart
Darryl Strawberry. Baseball Player. b. 12 March

Nia Vardalos. Actress. b. 24 September

Arnold Vosloo. Actor. b. 16 June

Herschel Walker. Athlete. b. 3 March

David Foster Wallace.  Novelist.  b. 21 February 1962.  d. 12 September 2008 at age 46


Debra Wilson. Comedian. b. 26 April

BeBe Winans. Singer. b. 17 September

Michelle Yeoh. Actress. b. 6 August

Naomi Wolf. Author/Activist.  b. 12 November

David Zuckerman. TV Producer/Writer. b. 28 August

What famous people were born the same year as you? 


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  1. You are such a young'in. I hate to think who was born during my birth year!!

  2. Ah, 1962. It was a very good year. I was in junior high school. My year was James Taylor, Al Gore, Stevie Nicks and Samuel L. Jackson..

    1. Tom, some great people born that year...including you. Thanks for the info!

  3. This was quite a surprising list. I guess I thought some of these folks were... younger!

    1. That's fine -- as long as you think that about me, too. Tee hee!

  4. Wow, we are all getting older!! That's a fascinating list and made me look up mine - 1959. Kevin Spacey, Allison Janney, Emma Thompson ...

    1. Ah, some fabulous people that year. I love Emma! She breaks my heart in Love Actually.

  5. This was awesome...I can't wait to see who is on my list. I'm a year behind you.

  6. I am in excellent company. Kevin Spacey, Sean Bean (he is one of the hottest of the hot!!), Val Kilmer, Emma Thompson, Matthew name a few.

    1. Yes, I like Sean Bean. I hear he starred in a series I haven't (binged) watch yet. You do keep hot company!

  7. What a fun post idea! You've inspired me to look up mine. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I hope you find a lot of interesting people born the same year as you. Have fun, Kelly.

  8. Love your list and that you think about that sort of stuff. So much fun.

    1. I have done this sort of search year after year around my birthday, and I finally decided to just do a post so that I don't have to research it again and again. It took me three years to think about making a post about it. (Duh!)

  9. You comment rectangle just ate my comment! Guess it wasn't that interesting? Ah well... Anyway I see that I'm older than some very cool people. Including you. And Jon Stewart. Fun post.

    1. Roz: I'm sorry that you had a frustrating experience trying to comment. Thanks for paving the way for me and John Stewart to follow in your older-but-wiser footsteps!

  10. I was born in '62. I love reading books where the author is the same age as me. Of course I can't think of any of them now. If I do I'll stop back in and let you know.

  11. Well that was interesting for sure. I'd like to do that same for my birth year.

    1. That would be fun to see. All my best to you and your age mates.