Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Happy 7th Blogoversary

Photo by Jim Larrison.
Seven years ago today, I launched this blog, The Generation Above Me.

For the previous six years, I have posted the Top 10 or 20 Views over the life of the blog. When I checked the statistics this morning, the posts in the Top 20 stayed relatively constant over the last year.

Here are the All-Time Top 5 Posts for this blog:

5. Films Set in Nursing Homes
4. Books about Aging
3. Adjusting to Bifocals
2. Films about Aging
1. Films about Alzheimer's and Other Dementias

If you want to peruse the list of posts 6-20, you can visit last year's blogoversary post:

There are some posts that readers enjoy that have not broken into the Top 20. Here are seven posts for your consideration, one for each year over the life of the blog.

2018: Ageless Soul by Thomas Moore: Book Review

2017: Older Americans Federal Report

2016: Care Partner: An Emerging Term

2015: Biomarkers for Longevity and Health

2014: Aging: Fight, Resign or Embrace

2013: Older Drivers Practice Self-Regulation

2012: Elderspeak: Baby Talk Directed at Older Adults

Thank you to those who visit the blog--whether you are a new visitor or a frequent visitor. Happy 2019 to all.


Happy 6th Blogoversary
2018 Top 10 Posts


  1. I should analyze my stats more closely, but I do not care so much.

    1. Do what works for you! Thanks for visiting the blog.

  2. 7 years, congratulations! It is fun to see the top posts and then I scratch my head and think another post is similar but it tanked! I guess you take success and don't second guess it.

    1. It's surprising to see what posts resonate with people. I have one about gum disease and longevity that is way more popular than I would have guessed. And then there are several films and books I just loved that I review, but they don't get many views. C'est la vie! All my best to you, Haralee.

  3. 7 years is a big blogoversary - I hit 4 years a while ago and thought I was doing well! Interesting to see what your top posts were - I'm like Haralee, I try to find a rhythmn based on previous successes and it never happens - now I just post what's on my heart or in my head and wing it :)

    1. I do think Ricky Nelson has the best advise here: "You can't please everyone, so you've got to please yourself." I admire you for following your heart.