Monday, December 31, 2018

Not a Resolution but a Focus Word

Photo by Justin Vidamo via Creative Commons

As the New Year approaches in a matter of hours, I'm once again rejecting resolutions. However, instead of doing nothing to mark a new beginning, I decided to choose a focus word.

I've seen people do this over the last decade or so, but I haven't taken any time to select a word for myself.

Until today.

I've selected GROUNDED as my first one word challenge. Here are a few quotes to launch me on my journey:

"It was when I stopped searching for home within others and lifted the foundations of home within myself I found there were no roots more intimate than those between a mind and a body that have decided to be whole."  ~ Rapi Kaur, poet 

"In the vessel of your body, you yourself are the world tree, deep roots in the Earth and a crown of stars. Your essence bridges dimensions." ~ Dr. Elizabeth Eiler, Reiki master 

"What does it mean to be grounded? It means no unkind being is taking up space rent free in your body. . . . It means digging beneath the machine mind to understand and see the beauty in each human being." ~ Deborah Bravandt, Emotional intelligence mentor

Tomorrow I will buy a journal so that I have a place to be accountable. Journal entries will demonstrate that I am meditating about this word throughout the year. I can already perceive that this word is complex and comprehensive.

I'm interested to see how the one word challenge differs from resolutions (that I usually fail to keep after a few weeks).

All my best to you as you enter the next year.


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    1. Thanks. All my best to you, Diane, for a healthy, happy 2019.

  2. It is a very profound word. Best wishes for a great year ahead!

    1. You are kind to visit / comment. May you be blessed with every needful thing in 2019 and beyond, Haralee!