Saturday, November 29, 2014

Phyllis Sues, Active at 91

Photo by Zabara Alexander.
Today I stumbled across a slideshow about 91-year-old dancer, actress, fashion designer, and music composer, Phyllis Sues.

I decided to spend some time learning more about her.

Born April 4, 1923, Phyllis has been active for decades, but her recent activities include the following:

  • at 83 learned how to tango
  • at 85 started practicing yoga
  • at 86 released Scenes of Passion, her album of Jazz  music, followed the next year with an album of tango music called Tango Insomnia
  • at 90, started writing a column for Huffington Post
  • at 91, completed her second tandem skydive jump, captured in the video below. 

Phyllis introduced her jump at 2:08, she exits the plan at 6:15, and she lands at 12:00, ending with an interview. 

She also does trapeze work, jumps rope, and plays tennis.  See her webpage for more information about her. 

I don't know if I will be as adventurous as Phyllis, but she does inspire me to take a vigorous walk today so that I have the option of doing something a little bit "out of the box" in late life. 



  1. This is AWESOME! I do believe that there is no time like the present to do whatever you want! I hope to be doing that then too.

  2. What? Wait. She also does trapeze work and jumps rope at 91. I've got to check this woman out. God bless her.

  3. Trapeze!!!! Thanks for sharing her story with us. Now, that is inspiring.

  4. Wow...I am not sure I would skydive or trapeze (is that even a verb?) now no less at 91... More power to her! You are right as usual though Karen, we can take inspiration from all kinds of places and apply that to our own lives within our own comfort zones!

  5. Phyllis is such an inspiration, I imagine she would make anyone want to try something new, no mater their age. Watching her jump from that plane with her It is so refreshing to see someone embrace their very being and not allow their age to be an obstacle. Thank you for sharing Phyllis with us today!

  6. One of my best friends is 85 and wayyy more fit than I, with yoga and very long walks all over hilly San Francisco. I love stories like Phyllis'.

  7. That is amazing! She is totally inspiring, and makes me think that maybe I'll become more fearless in a few decades!