Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Twitter Handles with an Aging Twist

My Twitter Profile @TheGenAboveMe
In another couple of weeks, I'll reach my two year mark since joining Twitter.  Beginning in June of 2012, I have enjoyed connecting with people from all over the world--primarily people who are interested in aging issues.

Their niches run the gambit from family, fitness, food, fashion, finance, health, technology, travel and more.

I have had the opportunity to meet face-to-face a couple dozen of those whom I follow on Twitter.  And I am hoping to attend aging conferences in the future where many of my active aging "Tweeple" congregate.

In the meantime, I try to maximize the opportunities of Twitter by reading tweets, replying, using hashtags, and following links to blogs.  If you are new to Twitter, check out this glossary of terms.

At the very least, I get a big kick out of some of the usernames aka Twitter handles that gently poke fun of the aging process.

These writers are doing their part to control the images used for people as they age. Instead of being passive, they are actively putting their spin on how midlife and late life are represented in the media.  Image creation is one way to fight ageism.

Everyone I follow in Twitter delivers great content.  Suggesting them all in one post would be like drinking from a fire hydrant.  So making concessions to the limits of the human attention span, I combed through my list of the 2,238 people I follow in order to share this list of 16 handles chosen because make me smile and because they refer to aging.


Photo of Ernie McLean
by Joe Penniston
@50shadesofage and her blog Fifty Shades of Age

@AgingDangerous and their blog Aging But Dangerous

@BlueHairTech and their blog Blue Hair Technology Group

@FiftyIsNewFifty and their blog Fifty Is the New Fifty

@FitOldDog and his blog Athlete with Stent

@Geropunkjenny and her blog The Gero-Punk Project

@GrandmasBriefs and her blog Grandma's Briefs on Life's Second Act

@Grayhairedhipst  and her blog The Gray-haired Hipster

@MiddleSages and their blog MiddleSages: If We Knew Then What We Know Now

@PattiNotDeadYet and her blog Not Dead Yet Style

@OldGeezerRadio and his blog Old Geezer Radio

Photo by
@OldGoatGuide and his blog Old Goat Guide to Computers, Tech and Stuff

@Seniorpreneur and his blog The Seniorpreneur Project

@StylishOleWoman and her blog Stylish Ole Woman

@ZoomerNation and his blog Zoomers: Boomers with Zip


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  1. Hi Karen, these are a fun with age and numbers list of twitter people. Since I (mostly) tweet for dating and relationship topics for folks after 40 and 50+, I will have to go follow these people. They sound delightful, certainly displaying they have a fun sense of humor.


    April Braswell

  2. A great list, and it's nice to know there are many of us Boomers out there in the Twitterverse, and that we're keeping our sense of humour. Of course, we couldn't have go this far without it ...

    Kudos from @travel_boomer

  3. Thanks for the mention, Karen! I have some new sites to check out now.