Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Podcasts about COVID-19

Image by Menage a Moi.
We are still learning about the coronavirus (aka COVID-19 or SARS-COV-2).

I usually read as a way to digest information. 

However, I have been exploring podcasts as a way to learn about the current pandemic. 

By using various search terms on Spotify, I found more than 50 podcasts that include COVID-19 content.

There are many more episodes about the virus / the pandemic within existing podcasts.

To date, I have listened to at least one episode of 50 podcasts dedicated to COVID-19, and I present to you my Top 9 Podcast first--and then I list others in case they appeal to you. 

Last Update: 5 December 2020

I found these podcasts on Spotify, but many are also available in other places. 

In Random Order

Infectious Disease Society of America LINK

Twice Daily weekly with a run time around 23 minutes
This podcast is older than the pandemic and includes episodes on other diseases (such as EBOLA and measles). However, the bulk of their content is about COVID-19. The content by scientists for scientists and medical professionals, but it's not beyond the lay listeners. 

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Q&A

JAMA. Two or Three Times Weekly a run time around 20 minutes

Conversations with frontline clinicians and experts about the science and medicine for addressing the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Public Health on Call LINK

Johns Hopkins. Daily with a run time around 17 minutes

The Bloomberg School of Public Health does discuss the scientific aspects of C19 in many of its podcasts, but much of its content focuses on social, emotional and cultural dimensions of the pandemic.

Prognosis Daily: COVID-19, Life During a Global Pandemic LINK

Bloomberg. M-F with a run time around 13 minutes

This news agency draws on 120 bureaus around the world, but each episode is focused on a C19 issue such as masks, a specific outbreak, or a demographic
Harvard Chan: This Week in Health

School of Public Health. Twice a week with a run time of about 1 hour

Twice a week, Michael Mina from the School of Public Health at Harvard does a press conference on a range of topics related to epidemiology and public health. 
Coronavirus: Fact or Fiction

CNN. Daily with a run time around 10 minutes

Gupta discusses COVID-19 headlines and interviews experts without getting too technical. 

America Dissected: Coronavirus

Crooked Media. Twice weekly with a run time around 30 minutes

Dr. Abdul El-Sayed, physician and former city health commissioner, takes a broad view of how society is responding to the pandemic. 

TWIV: This Week in Virology

American Society of Microbiology with a run time around 90 minutes 

TWIV started in September of 2008, but with the current pandemic, they have focused on the virus SARS-CoV-2 and its disease COVID-19. Vincent Racanielle and Dick Despommier are two science professors at Columbia University Medical Center. 

Yes, TWIV is at times it's too technical for me. However, I prefer podcasts by scientists and healthcare professionals vs armchair epidemiologists. Also, the hosts invited guests who are PhD and/or MDs. Many of their guests conduct research or work to connect research with clinical practice. 

Spoiler Alert: TWIV is my favorite C19 podcast! 

They bring their education and expertise to a bi-weekly podcast. These hosts and their highly educated, professional guests often share recently published research from evidence-based, academic science journals. The group then discuss in detail--not just the results but also the methods and the implications for further research or clinical application. 

Even though the conversation often focuses on the cellular level, the hosts and their guests connect the fields of research and clinical practice. Racanielle and Despommier themselves divide their time among reading research, conducting research, teaching, and working in a clinical setting. 

(More) Podcasts. These are good, but I just do not have time to listen regularly to every good podcast about COVID-19. I do sometimes catch an episode here and there from these shows.
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Here I ones I do not listen to. But you might like one or more of them 

UPDATE: Some of these are creating podcasts less often or shifted their content away from COVID-19. And some have ceased production entirely, but some older content might interest you. 

In alphabetical order
  • The Antigen by Pfizer (a short 12 podcast series that has concluded)
  • BBC Inside Science
  • Doctor Vaughan's COVID-19 Updates
  • The Comeback: COVID-19 and the return of sports
  • Coronavirus 411 by Sound That Brands via William Corbin
  • Coronavirus Chronicle by the Houston Chronicle
  • Coronavirus, Briefly by WBUR of the Boston Metro Area
  • Coronavirus Update by James Watkins 
  • COVID-19: Commonsense Conversations by Ars Longa Media
  • COVID-19: What's Next by the University of Toronto
  • Fighting Coronavirus by American Innovations.
  • In the Bubble with Andy Slavitt (leans too left for me)
  • Newswatch: COVID-19 Updates from the Associated Press
  • NPR: Consider This. They did rename this to be a daily C19 update for a time.
  • Pandemic: Coronavirus Edition
  • Pandemic Economics by University of Chicago
  • Podcast 19 by Five Thirty Eight
  • Vaccine 411 by Sounds That Brand
  • Viral: COVID-19 host Ian Doyle


  1. You have some interesting podcasts listed here. I have never listened to a podcast but a couple of these I may tune in to. I am retired and the pandemic situation changes moment by moment.

    1. You don't have to use an App such as Spotify for most of these because they host them on webpages. I'm new to podcasts as well, but I have quite enjoyed listening to hosts interview experts. I feel as though I got invited to a dinner party attended by a group of warm elites. I hope you find at least one favorite to help you negotiate through this pandemic.