Thursday, December 26, 2019

2019 Top 10 Posts

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Another year is coming to a close. Many of the posts from 2019 are related to the university courses that I teach:

  • During Fall 2019, I taught Spirituality and Aging for the first time. For years prior, I have intentionally published more blog posts about spirituality, mindfulness, and psychology because the search data shows reader interest. Two of the Top 10 are on this topic.
  • I teach Death, Dying, and Bereavement every spring semester, which explains my persistent interest in topics such as advanced care planning and Tisdale's book Advice for Future Corpses--two posts in the Top 10.
  • I am teaching Biology of Aging again, so continuing my series on biomarkers for longevity helps support that course material. Most recently, I wrote about Body Mass Index (BMI), which achieved #6 in views this year. 
Here are TGAM's Top 10 posts (by views) for 2019.

Dr. Tim Brimmer
at MAIA 2019

#1  2019 Mid-American Institute on Aging and Wellness (MAIA) Preview 

#2  What They Had (2018): Film Review

#3  On the Brink of Everything (2018): Book Review

#4  Women Rowing North (2019): Book Review

#5  Prepare for Your Care: Free Resource for ACP

Garrett's Book
published 2019
#6  Body Mass Index (BMI): Biomarker of Longevity & Health

#7  Coming of Age in Films (2019): Book Review

#8 Advice for Future Corpses (2018): Book Review

#9 Vanden Bosch & Scheidt Review Films about Aging

#10 Fall (Prevention) Festival

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  1. i am reading one of the books you suggested a while back, but it is competing with my book of a Peace Corps volunteer in China and an Irish mystery.

    1. Oh those competing books do sound good. Enjoy your books, and Happy New Year, Tabor!

  2. I know that obsessing about the markers of our health (my BMI is just slightly over 25) is a pointless exercise. But we (or some of us) do it anyway; it gives us something to think about in our dotage. So thanks for the wrap-up!

    1. I'm teaching Biology of Aging to 20 year olds next semester. The data set for the study was a longetutide study of 25 year olds, following them to 38 year old. We can improve our health over the years by diet, exercise, smoking cessation, stress management. True, there are factors beyond our control, and I think worrying just increases cortisol in our bodies (which is damaging). It's a balance between taking action but not freaking out. Happy New Year, Tom.

  3. What a great idea this list is, Karen. I have some catching up to do on your blog.
    Happy New Year!

    1. Happy New Year to you, too, Carinne! Thanks for stopping by the blog.