Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Celebrate Singers Who Are Stayin' Alive

Photo by Phillip Pessar.
All too often, headlines announce the passing of an American music legend.

I honor their contribution to the music industry specifically and American culture in general.

However, I feel the need to focus on national treasures still with us.

I spent some time today looking at the Billboard Hot 100 lists for my teen years: 1973-1980.

Here is a list of singers who are still living, many of whom are still writing, recording or performing. 

So here is a shout out to those surviving singers (turning 66 to 78 this year) who provided the soundtrack of my teenage years.

Listed by descending birth date. 

Kenny Rogers b. August 21, 1938

Ray Stevens b. January 24, 1939

Neil Sedaka b. March 13, 1939

Diamond. Credit.
Neil Diamond January b. 24, 1941

Paul Simon b. October 13, 1941

Helen Reddy b. October 25, 1941

Aretha Franklin b. March 25, 1942

Barbra Streisand b. April 24, 1942

Brian Wilson b. June 20, 1942

George Benson b. March 22, 1943

Barry Manilow b. June 17, 1943

Mick Jagger b. July 26, 1943

Ross. Credit.
Joni Mitchell b. November 7, 1943

Diana Ross b. March 26, 1944

Gladys Knight b. May 28, 1944

Boz Scaggs b. June 8, 1944

Rod Stewart b. January 10, 1945

Eric Clapton b. March 30, 1945

Rita Coolidge b. May 1, 1945

Carly Simon b. June 25, 1945

Bette Midler b. December 1, 1945

Gibb. Credit.
Linda Ronstadt b. July 5, 1946

John Oats b. April 7, 1948

Al Green b. April 13, 1946

Cher b. May 20, 1946

Barry Gibb b. September 1, 1946

Darryl Hall b. October 11, 1946

Elton John b. March 25, 1947

Kenny Loggins b. January 7, 1948

James Taylor b. March 12, 1948

Wonder. Credit.
Stevie Nicks b. May 26, 1948

Cat Stevens aka Yusuf Islam b. July 21, 1948

Olivia Newton John b. September 26, 1948

Billy Joel b. May 9, 1949

Peter Frampton b. April 22, 1950

Stevie Wonder b. May 13, 1950

Losing someone always motivates me to cherish those who are still in arm's length--or in the case of a performance artist--still able to benefit from an iTunes purchase.


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  1. Don't forget Barry Manilow! I saw him in concert last year and it was great!

    1. Oh, I'll add him. I don't know why I didn't see his name on the billboard charts. Maybe he was in my handwritten notes, and I neglected to transfer him. My bad.

  2. Ooooh. I'm totally using this as an assignment sheet :-) for musicians to be certain my 10-year-old has heard…

    1. My kids had never heard Kenny Rogers' "The Gambler," but compiling this list led my husband to play it for them (as he sang along at the top of his lungs). I don't know if they were educated or scarred? Only 31 more artists to go.

  3. I love your lists and actually, sometimes forget who is still alive! Oh good grief, how did we all and they get so old?? LOL

    1. I had no idea Stevie Wonder and Peter Frampton were born the same year. I thought Wonder was older (but maybe that's because I see him in the media more often, and Peter Frampton is perpetually young in my mind's eye). Enjoy the walk down memory lane.

  4. I thought Peter Frampton was older but that's because I remember when Stevie Wonder and I were both 12. He was Little Stevie Wonder who did a song that I still marvel at the sophistication beyond (then I hated it) "Fingertips pt 1 & 2"
    Eric Clapton aka "God," and one of rock's most brilliant guitarists/singer/songwriters who taught many of us to love the Blues.And I have been in love with EC since I was 15-16. Some of his songs let us into the most intimate moments of his life. "Wonderful Tonght," for one incredible love song about Patty Boyd. And the incredibly sad but beautiful "Tears of Heaven."

    1. Oh, I'll add EC! He is a very good music artist. Thanks for highlighting him in your comment.

  5. Oh..lovely...thank you for focusing on who we still have to entertain us...(even though I am still mourning Bowie)

    1. I had to take the initiative to pull myself out of my post-Bowie, post-Fry funk. Comfort to all who miss them.

  6. Fabulous way to look on the bright side and consider all the great artists we DO still have! Many of these are long-time favorites of mine, too. And Stevie Nicks? What boomer female didn't long to be her at some point. :-D

  7. It's so awesome to see so many of the greats are still with us...especially given the month we've been having with such great losses. Thanks for this list. I'm YouTubing many of them now for a listen!

  8. This is a great reminder to cherish everyone we love. It can change in an instant.

  9. What a lovely list and a great though to honor those who are still among us.