Monday, January 5, 2015

Advanced Style: Film Review

Released May 3, 2014.
I've been reading Ari Seth Cohen's blog Advanced Style for the last three years.  I was delighted when friends gave me his coffee table book last year for my birthday.

Now his documentary is available on DVD for those who missed it in theaters. The film offers 72 minutes of pure delight.

Along with Lina Plioplyte, Cohn's film features seven fashionable, mature women.

From left to right in the above movie poster, we meet Deborah Rapoport (b. 1945), Jacquie Tajah Murdock (b.1930), Illona Royce Smithkin (b. 1920), Tziporah Salamon (b. 1950), Joyce Carpati (b. 1932) and Lynn Dell (b. 1933).

Not pictured is Zelda Kaplan (b. 1916), a humanitarian and socialite, who his also featured in this documentary.  (In the trailer, Kaplan has on a red African print with black detail and a matching hat.)

Yes, the fashion is marvelous.  But I value more the spirits these women possess.

The clothes are merely a vehicle for permitting these women to share their verve, their energy, their unique view on the world.  I believe every mature woman has radiance to share with others.  These women use fashion as their medium for so doing.  Other mature women will use other media for conveying their spirits--writing, dancing, cooking, decorating, storytelling, healing and so on.

Kudos to Ari Seth Cohen and his work as a blogger, photographer and now as a filmmaker.  His celebration of these mature fashionistas inspires women of all ages to radiate.


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  1. This sounds like a great movie to find and check out! Thanks so much for sharing it! Happy 2015!

    1. I like the movie, but I also have the book. (Sorry for the late reply. GAH!)