Friday, December 5, 2014

Wrinkles: Film Review

Released 2012
Wrinkles (2012) is an 89 minute animated film that focuses on the friendship between Emilio and Miguel, roommates residing in the same multi-level care center.

Emilio is a family man and a retired banker--cautious and methodical.  Miguel is a free spirit, always looking out for number one.

Although a Spanish film originally, there is an English-language version.  Emilio is voiced by Martin Sheen, Miguel by George Coe.

The film also introduces a handful of supporting cast members, mainly those living and working in the same facility.

Yes, this is an animated film, but it shouldn't be mistaken for a children's story. It takes a fairly realistic approach to depicting the challenges some people face in late life.

Some of the characters have mobility problems, some are estranged from their children, some are battling cognition problems. Nevertheless, the film does a fairly good job painting the main characters as rich and complex.

Both Emilio and Miguel are working hard to maintain autonomy over their own lives in a setting that often restricts their actions.

I would consider this film as a great introduction for tweens, teens and young adults unfamiliar with late life challenges.  It's short, accessible, nuanced, and fairly realistic without being too gritty.  That being said, I enjoyed it quite a bit even though I am no newcomer to the issues depicted.


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