Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Aches & Pains

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My husband isn't very mechanical. He prefers to spend his disposable income on books or computer equipment--not on his car.

So when his car starts to rattle, squeak or lurch, what is his solution? Does he take his car to the mechanic?

No. He simply turns up the radio.

Some people take a similar approach when their own bodies start to show signs of "engine" trouble. They don't want to see a doctor because they are afraid it will be bad news leading to extra expenses or even some time admitted into the hospital so that the doctors can really get a good look under the hood and put in some new parts.

I, however, take my car and my body into the shop regularly for tune ups and repairs.  If I sense something amiss, I want to know what's going on, and I want to fix it right away.

However, now that I've moved squarely into middle age, I'm starting to rethink my approach. In the last few years, I've seen doctors for issues with my eyes, tongue, teeth, skin, blood sugar, colon, bones, joints, lower back, and hip.

True, some of these issues required medical intervention. Other issues require me to accept that age-related changes to my body will happen no matter how much time and money I throw at the problem.

But I having reached a state of complete acceptance--yet.  I am starting to experience a little fatigue from being in a high start of alarm about these changes. I need to move towards greater acceptance of normal, healthy age-related changes, or I will have to add a psychotherapist to my list of specialists. (Actually, been there, done that.)

Yes, aches and pains increase as we age. Getting the right diagnosis and treatment for such aches and pains ultimately may require an expert's opinion.  Please see your doctor if you notice a sudden or persistent change to your health.

For now (meaning this week), I don't sense any new noises coming from my engine.  But if I start to rattle, squeak or lurch again, I will seek medical care. And on the way to my physical therapist or my dermatologist or my optometrist or my general practitioner, I will turn up my radio and sing!

I have found myself expressing gratitude at times for these physical complaints, because they witness to me that I'm still in a body and blessed to be alive.


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