Monday, April 29, 2013

Solar Shield®: Practical and Stylish Eyewear

I received a free pair of Dioptics Solar Shield sunglasses
via Vibrant Nation's 
Vibrant Influencer Network.
Spring has finally arrived.

The storm clouds have abated, and the brilliant sun is back in full force.

Thankfully, I have a new pair of Dioptics Solar Shield® sunglasses. 

They reduce glare and help protect my eyes from harmful UV rays.

Before I got these sunglasses, I was switching between my newer bifocals and my old prescription sunglasses. Not good.

Or I just went without sunglasses and squinted. But the harsh Kansas sun was getting the better of me.

These Fits Over® are large enough to wear over my prescription glasses but attractive enough to make a fashion statement.

Fits easily over prescription glasses

The sunglasses have the following features:

* Made of lightweight nylon frames.

* Blocks 100% of harmful UV rays.

* Reduces glare with polarized lenses.

* Available at major retail stores such as Walmart, Walgreens and CVS.

* Manufactured in a variety of colors and styles.

To find the style and color that suits you best, see the selection at

Cover your prescription glasses:
Now you see them. Now you don't! 

With my Dioptics®  I'm ready to embrace sunny days with all their opportunities. Walks through the botanical gardens, BBQs with my husband and kids, long car trips to family reunions, walks along the river with good friends.  

I can greet the sunrise and the sunset without wincing. And even next winter, I can manage glare from the snow with my fashionable Dioptics Solar Shield® sunglasses.  
All photos in this post by Karen D. Austin; yes, they're selfies!
Will anyone ask me for my autograph?
I'm looking like a movie star with these sunglasses!


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