Monday, March 4, 2013

Guest Posts Archive

Photo by GollyGForce
I have the good fortune to write guest posts for others' blogs from time to time.

Consider adding these blogs to your Twitter feeds, your RSS Feeds or your bookmarks.


Retire in Style. @barbblogtwits Guest post "Hollywood: How Do We 'Picture' Aging?" 8/2/2013.


Better After 50. @BetterAfter50 Guest post "Whose Paying When You Can't Live at Home Anymore?" 7/20/2013

Mark B. Schlemmer

Senior Housing Forum. @Seniorforum Guest post "The Complexities of the Aging Mind." 7/17/2013 It was also picked up by Caregiver News Basket.

Or Hiltch

Savvy Dad. @MySavvyDad. Guest post "Dad's Shrimp Tempura." 7/16/2013

Science of Ageing. @Scienceofageing Ran my post "Age-Related Risks for Dehydration" 7/16/13. (repost of my 5/9/12 post)

Mattie McCurrie

Chancellor Ray Cross

Mangrove Mike

Xtreme Dream: Diana Nyad. @diananyad long-distance swimmer. Guest post "Midlife Xtreme Dream" 3/4/13


  1. Karen, As I read your guest post on Diana Nyad's blog, I keep shaking my head saying, "Uh huh. Uh huh" because your story is my story. It's wonderful that you guest posted on the great Diana Nyad's blog. I am so impressed. But it's equally impressive that your post spoke to me so much that I said to myself, "I am not alone in my quest to accomplish something for myself beginning in my 50's!" How great is that?

    1. Cathy: It's scary and exciting. Who knew I'd be having such adventures at midlife. I just love mature athletes because they kick me in the butt to have courage. My best to you as you pursue your midlife dreams. Dream big! We are better equipped now than in our 20s to really take on the world.

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