Monday, August 7, 2017

I'm a Seasoned "Bug" Hunter

Photo by KDA. Click to enlarge, if you dare!
There are advantages to being five plus decades old.

For example, when entering my office last Friday, I spied some kind of bug on the carpet.

Did I scream and jump on a chair? Did I yell for my husband to rescue me? Did I flee the room?


Instead, I calmly gathered the appropriate supplies: a see-through deli container and a piece of card stock.

I moved so swiftly that it didn't evade my capture.

Being a life-long student, I sought to identity it before humanely releasing it into the yard.

Hmmm. I don't think that I will find the domesticis linteolum inlinere listed in any guide to insects and arachnids of southwestern Indiana.

Apparently, there are some disadvantages to aging as well.

My wisdom is waxing as my eyesight is waning.


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  1. Replies
    1. That's about the substance and order of my reactions, too!

  2. Too funny. Your humane efforts were perfect in this situation because it would look truly odd for a middle age woman stomping up and down on some hair fuzz!

    1. I still have this lint ball entwined with some hair in the deli container, as a reminder to question my perceptions.

  3. Oh me, oh my...I'm not the only one. I AM going to remember to use a deli container and card, tho.

    1. I learned the hard way that I need something to slide underneath a container after I've isolated the home invader...especially if it's big enough to knock over the container if I try to go find card stock after I've caught a bug (or a frog or a mouse).