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Best of Boomer Blogs, Qs & As

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Being a life-long learner is key to enjoying a high quality of life. Not only does this engage you mentally and emotionally, learning gives you more resources. After all,  knowledge is power. 

Those who contribute to the Best of the Boomer Blogs are always filled with questions and searching for answers. Here is a great set of Qs & As for you this week.  Enjoy. 


Q: What Are the Arguments Surrounding Physician-Assisted Suicide? 

A: Read what Martin has to report at Fifty to Ninety about the many passionate arguments for and against physician-assisted suicide, an emotional topic to be sure. 

Jason A. Howie
Q: Why Join Another Online Community?

A: Just in case you were looking to replace your Facebook addiction with a new addiction, I thought I would share my most recent discovery:  Quora.  While there is a good chance that I am way behind the times and everyone else has already been using this site for years, I am just now getting on board.  Visit Modern Senior to learn more about how the site works and read an insightful post about what it is like to be in your 80s.


Q: How Much Should You Tip?

A: It's a minor, but always thorny issue -- and so a couple of recent encounters at local restaurants leads Tom Sightings to reflect on How Much Should You Tip? Should we always give 15 percent, or should we adjust the amount based on service, or the amount of the bill, or anything else?

Q: How Much of a Millennial Are You?

A: On TheSurvive and Thrive Boomer Guide, Rita R. Robison, consumer journalist, writes about Millennial, the generation born after 1980. Take the Pew Research Center quiz to see how much of a Millennial you are.

Q: Should You Take Calcium Supplements?

A: Aging puts people at high risk for bone loss, especially post-menopausal women and people taking certain prescription medication.  Karen at The Generation Above Me looks at several sources that explore the relationships between calcium and bone health


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